Searching Tickets

When the Ticket App is open, click on the word “Tickets” near the top of the “Tickets” sub-menu. It will show all tickets in the system.
  • On the left, you can view any tickets assigned or awaiting approval from you.
  • On the right, you will see a "filter" search tool icon. When selected, it will display a list of ticket filters for a ticket search.

Ticket Search Field in TDNext

The search field works on following items:

  • Ticket ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Custom attribute values
  • Reference Code (only settable with ticket creation via the API)
  • Feed entry text (though not notified list or posted by)
  • Double quotes will only search for title

The ticket search does NOT search on:

  • Requestor, There are specific filters in that slide out menu for Requestor (lookup), Requestor Name (textbox), Requestor Email (textbox) and Requestor Phone (textbox). The latter three are in Requestor section quick Scroll to dropdown.
  • Single quotes will have no impact on ticket searches
  • The search does not match on substrings

Please see below under "Searching with Selectable Filters" for additional filter searching criteria.


Standard Searches

First look at the list of what we’ll call “standard searches” listed underneath the “Tickets” button. These are searches that are very common, so we have done the work for you and listed them here. Some “standard searches" shown above are “Assigned To Me” and “Awaiting My Review.” It is important to note that the standard searches include ITIL-related (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) references: Incidents, Problems, Changes, and Releases. Depending on your organization, these classifications may not be relevant. All new tickets are Incidents by default unless specifically created them as one of the other classifications.

Searching with Selectable Filters

Want to search for specific terms, settings, or text? Use the "filter" button, located to the right of the screen (see above image). Once selected, a window will slide over and will display some of the fields shown in the below image. Here, you can see some of the searchable ticketing fields or filters that are available. Simply look through the window to view all of the filters available and use them to quickly locate the tickets you need. 




 If there is a particular search you use often, select “Save Search” and name it whatever you like.  It will then appear under your “Standard Searches” sub-menu later on for easy access. 


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