iPaaS v3.1: Time Zone Conversion

I'm excited about the new time zone capabilities in v3.1 of iPaaS.

However, it appears as though the new capabilities still does not account for daylight savings. So we still need to do math/calculations.

e.g. EST vs EDT

  • EST = UTC-5:00
  • EDT = UTC-4:00

The calculations of hours hasn't been the challenge most people face, its having to determine what day and time of the year, in the respective timezone, and whether to calculate daylight savings or not using UTC Math.

Is my assumption correct, or am I over thinking?




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Asked by Kelson ONeil on Wed 6/5/24 9:42 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 4:05 PM

Hi Kelson,

According to my internal inquiries, that's partially correct. The system does account for DST, we just don’t have options for EST/EDT for example. When the EST option is selected it will respect the changes in DST when they occur. For example if you run a step with the EST option selected the timestamp should actually show a -4:00 currently instead of -5:00

We only add the one option instead of both like you suggest, that way you don’t have to worry about/ think about the changes. If we had an option for EST and EDT then you’d still have to do the conversions and consideration of when DST changes occur.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks for responding.
Does this mean that when daylight savings is on/off the DST will be automatically adjusted for (-4 vs -5 throughout the year)?
- Kelson ONeil Wed 6/5/24 6:12 PM
That was my understanding of the response our iPaaS engineers gave me for relaying on to your question, yes. - Mark Sayers Thu 6/6/24 8:56 AM
Thanks for the update. This is good to know - Wonder if documentation needs to be updated to help clarify. - Kelson ONeil Thu 6/6/24 10:16 AM