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I have recently created my first iPaaS Flow. It waits for a device to be enrolled into JAMF (our Mac management system), and then fills in required fields in JAMF. Because this involves waiting for an end-user to enroll their device, I have put a rather long Wait command (7 days) inside a loop. After the wait command the Flow will then check whether the record exists in JAMF and will fill in the JAMF record once it does. The only issue is I am now seeing an error message when the flow is run in production of "The IPaaS Flow did not complete in a timely fashion or was otherwise terminated before it could complete." This happens after about 30 or 40 minutes.... 


Is this some kind of internal timeout for iPaaS? If it is, I find it odd that the wait command can go up to days. Is this workflow just not really viable in iPaaS? Any other thoughts about how to accomplish this?

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Asked by Jason Shirley on Mon 5/20/24 1:46 PM
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Michael Ligouri Tue 5/21/24 6:12 PM

Hi Jason, can you tell me what application and flow this is for? It may be that the wait step simply wasn't designed with the idea that it would be used for a multi-day wait. Have you perhaps thought of using a form step, which is designed to potentially wait for days while a user fills out a form, which returns data to the flow?

You could also potentially introduce a while loop that says "While a boolean property "FilledOut" is FALSE and an incrementing number property is < 100 (for example), wait another hour, increment the number, and check to see if the information is filled out, and then when the information is filled out, switch FilledOut to TRUE, thus breaking out of the loop". That way the flow is at least always doing something and will break out of the loop either when the information is filled out or it hits the max number of loops before moving on.



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