Different Result Forms for Similar iPaaS Expressions

I was testing a flow in iPaaS recently and found that if I set a property value by selecting a row in a data model array using the Find In expression, the result was an integer, however, if I set the same property using the Get In expression with the same condition and attribute, the result was the same value but treated as text.

In short, the output for the first option with the data model and Find In expression was:

"request_specs_attrID": 3153

And the output for the second option with the Get In expression was:

"request_specs_attrID": "3153"

I can add a Text as Numbers expression around it to convert it, but I wanted to check if this was the expected behavior or a bug.

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Asked by Corrine Knox on Fri 5/17/24 3:37 PM Last edited Mon 6/17/24 1:23 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 5/17/24 4:03 PM Last edited Fri 5/17/24 4:03 PM

Hi Corrine,

I think our folks would need to know the flow you are working on to better be able to offer advice. Can you provide that flow's name?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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It happens pretty much anywhere I try it, but the examples I shared were from "Shared - Set Project Request Default Values" (Flow Pid: de9b7f92-7dbd-4aa4-a6be-7e53e97d20b6, Endpoint: https://us1.teamdynamix.com/tdapp/app/flow/api/v1/start/msu-it/project-mgmt-dev/set-project-request-defaults) - Corrine Knox Fri 5/17/24 4:07 PM