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What are the various ways to show project ideas or projects that have not started, or projects that need to be put in a parking lot for review later.

The portfolio planning functionality from what i can see is really just an approval process that is limited to approved or declined. I know we could use the hold option on a project.

Looking for something more robust that what I am seeing and perhaps this can be done with different workflows or maybe iPaaS is an option?

Submit a Project Idea and it can be parked, declined, or approved.

Now that a project is approved we don't have a start date. We know we want to do it but we can only work on so many at once. Without putting it on hold or future dating it is there a way to get these to appear effectively in the gantt

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Asked by Andrew Martin on Wed 5/15/24 10:41 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 5/21/24 11:57 AM

Hi Andrew,

Project requests are either Not Submitted, Submitted, or Rejected. There isn't really an On Hold status for a request in that phase of things. You could convert it into a project then place it in an on hold status where you maybe periodically review your projects that are On Hold if you think you want to do them eventually but not at the current time.

You could alternatively use tickets to initially receive your request ideas, as those can more easily be placed on hold. Then you could convert them into Project Requests when the time comes to have the requestor "flesh" them out for submission formally.

Other than that, you'd probably have to just track it in a custom attribute of some sort on the request after it is submitted to just not be looking at requests that are Parked.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thank you for your insight and guidance! AndyM - Andrew Martin Mon 6/3/24 8:21 AM