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When doing a report for closed and resolved tickets, does it matter which one I use? Do I need to include both?

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Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Wed 4/10/24 9:03 AM Last edited Wed 4/10/24 5:10 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 4/10/24 9:06 AM

Hello Michael,

You can report on specific statuses if you want to ensure that you only get tickets in those statuses. Or if you don't care so much about specific statuses and just want all tickets where the status is of a certain classification, you can filter it by status class?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

What I am wondering is if I want to report on resolved and closed tickets, will status vs status class give me different results?
- Michael Rodriguez Wed 4/10/24 1:24 PM
Essentially it *could* give the same results, depending on how many statuses you have for a particular classification.

If you have 2 or 3 statuses for Closed tickets, and filter only on one of those statuses specifically, then have another report filtering on the Status Class of "resolved", that report would filter on *all* statuses configured as a resolved type status, and so it could give more results possibly.

Does that make sense?
- Mark Sayers Wed 4/10/24 1:50 PM
I attached an image of the status from TDAdmin. Oh wait...I do not have a status class for closed or resolved. I only have one for Completed that encompasses closed and resolved. So does this mean that I could choose either Status Class is one of "Completed" or
Status is one of (Closed AND Resolved) for filters and that would pull the same tickets?
- Michael Rodriguez Wed 4/10/24 5:23 PM
Yes that should produce the same tickets. - Mark Sayers Thu 4/11/24 9:26 AM