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Hi wanted to know if there is a way I can use a template that generates a qr code from html to grab a url from a textbox element on a form to produce the qr code from that url. 

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Asked by Matt Hoadley-Jager on Thu 4/4/24 10:29 AM
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Matt Hoadley-Jager Thu 4/4/24 11:30 AM

Yes, So I used a template and put HTML in it to generate a qr code and plugged that into a custom element on the form. However, I want to be able to grab whatever is stored inside a different element on the form say a text box and use that value to create the qr code.

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Thank you. Could you provide the following so I can look a bit further into it?

1. Name of iPaaS Application
2. Name of iPaaS Flow (if applicable)
3. Name of iPaaS Form

- Mark Medaugh Fri 4/5/24 8:10 AM
yes! So i got a qr code to generate on input by applying html and javascript directly into the custom element on the form. The application, is USD-development, flow: USD-vanity url edit form, and form: usd-vanity Url edit form

thank you again
- Matt Hoadley-Jager Fri 4/5/24 9:31 AM
every end up figuring anyway around this ? i ended up finding a library that actually gernerates the qr code, however it seems i can't grab a value inside of a text box element to use that I can figure out because the (IDs) of the every element on the forms are encrypted. Anyway around this perhaps ? - Matt Hoadley-Jager Wed 4/10/24 11:17 AM
Apologies for the delay. I see that a ticket was put in regarding this same inquiry (thank you!). I'll throw a booking link on there and we can get some time to screenshare. - Mark Medaugh Tue 4/23/24 12:20 PM

Matt Hoadley-Jager Tue 4/23/24 12:28 PM

awesome thank you that would be great!

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Mark Medaugh Thu 4/4/24 10:59 AM

Hi Matt,

Just breaking this one down for clarity. Is the desired process:

  1. There's a textbox with a URL on an iPaaS dynamic form
  2. By some mechanism, a QR code is generated from the URL mentioned in #1, above.
  3. That QR code points to the URL mentioned in #1, above.

Just want to be sure I have that correct before proceeding.

Mark Medaugh
Sr. Technical Consultant

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