Sort/Order tasks report so main task and subtasks are together

I’m building a project task report using the Tasks Report template. I want to sort my report so the subtasks are in order with their main task. Is there a field (or different report template) that will allow me to do this? Is there an identifier ID linking the main task with it's subtasks? I do see the Parent field which allows me to view the main task that each subtask belongs to. But this cannot be used for ordering.

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Asked by Jodie Alexander on Wed 3/20/24 7:16 PM Last edited Thu 3/21/24 11:43 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/21/24 10:09 AM

Hello Jodie,

If you're creating a custom Tasks report in the projects application, you should be able to order the results of that report by the Parent column if you include that column in your report.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for the quick feedback. I agree that the Parent column is available to use for ordering, but since the main task does not have any Parent - this will not yield the result I am seeking. I want the main task and all of it's subtasks ordered together on the report. Any advice?

- Jodie Alexander Thu 3/21/24 10:45 AM
You could try including the WBS column and order by that instead if it is a Waterfall type plan, as that should show everything in the order of their WBS number. - Mark Sayers Thu 3/21/24 11:31 AM
Thank you, Mark, but the Plan I'm using is Card Wall and not Waterfall. Any other solution? - Jodie Alexander Thu 3/21/24 11:42 AM
Unfortunately I can't think of anything else other than if you are naming them in any certain way that indicates their relationship to other tasks. - Mark Sayers Thu 3/21/24 11:46 AM