Proxy Error: A system error occurred while executing an action on Connector Proxy File System

I'm trying to use an iPaaS flow to take attachments from a dynamic form submission, upload them to a proxy server, and send the file location back to the flow; but have been receiving the following error message at the file creation step (which works as expected when isolated in another flow). If anyone has recommendations or insight on how to fix this or details on what this error message means, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks!

Tags iPaaS proxy
Asked by Amanda Sharpsteen on Tue 2/20/24 4:38 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/29/24 12:42 PM

Hello Amanda,

Can you provide the following:

- Name of the flow:

- Or, a link to this flow:

- The connectors being used:

- What's the form name?

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Hi Mark,

- The name of the flow is "Travel Auth Submit" (id:cc547acd-1370-4d12-9168-b1c14677199e).

- The connector in question is called "Tdx Proxy File" and uses Active Directory auth to connect to the "tdxproxy" domain.

- The form is called "Travel Authorization".

- Amanda Sharpsteen Thu 2/29/24 1:42 PM