Update Ticket Task PercentComplete via API

I'd like to be able to "close" (complete) a ticket task via the API. The documentation states the PercentComplete property is not editable via the API, and I've confirmed this in my testing. Is there another way to complete a task, or can this property be made editable?



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Asked by Joshua Myles on Tue 2/20/24 12:06 PM Last edited Tue 2/20/24 12:07 PM
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Brittany Renn Tue 2/20/24 12:57 PM

Hi Joshua, 

Have you tried to use a different endpoint to Update the Ticket Task, instead? I believe you can update the percent complete via this endpoint: https://servicedesk.mtu.edu/TDWebApi/Home/section/TicketTasks#POSTapi/{appId}/tickets/{ticketId}/tasks/{id}/feed

Let me know. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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Perfect, that worked. I didn't even think about the PercentComplete update being a feed item, though seeing it show up in the feed should have been a hint!

- Joshua Myles Tue 2/20/24 3:47 PM