Workspace Rule based on Workflow Step

Is it possible to only add a ticket to a workspace after a certain step is done in the workflow that is associated with that ticket? For example, once the approvals are completed within the ticket I would like the ticket to be added to the workspace so technicians know that the request has been fully approved and the work can begin.

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Asked by Nick Christiansen on Tue 2/13/24 9:42 AM
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Brittany Renn Tue 2/13/24 9:57 AM

Hi Nick, 

The workflow related filters for Workspace Rules include filtering on which workflow is assigned to the ticket and whether or not the workflow is complete. There's not currently a way to filter on whether or not a specific step was completed, though. I would probably suggest submitting this as an Enhancement Request:

Brittany Renn
TDX Support 

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