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Is there a specific format to use when passing username and password in the header of a connector in basic64 format? 

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Asked by Matt Hoadley-Jager on Thu 2/8/24 1:03 PM
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Michael Ligouri Wed 2/14/24 10:07 AM

Hi Matt,

Basic authorization. The HTTP Header will take the form of Authorization: Basic {value}. The {value} part can differ from service to service, but usually it’s the base 64 encoding of the following string Username:Password. When dealing with OAuth2 apps, the username/password is often the Client Id and Client Secret.

Here is a KB article that goes into a bit more detail about auth method guidelines, best practices, and other tips.

- Mike

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I get Permission Denied on that page. - David Tod Wed 2/14/24 10:11 AM
Oops, sorry about that. Turns out that KB is just an internal one. But that blurb on the basic auth format is straight from it. Give that a shot and let me know if it works for you. - Michael Ligouri Wed 2/14/24 10:14 AM