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If im populating a Form drop down list with values from my flow, is there a way to have the drop down populate on click of the drop down so that the drop down doesn't pre select a value ? or is there another way to maybe just have the drop down start blank, but still have all my choices from the flow as well when i click the drop down? I'm trying to find a way to have th drop down initialize with nothing in the box until you select something vs how it pre populates itself. 

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Asked by Matt Hoadley-Jager on Mon 2/5/24 4:05 PM
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Mark Medaugh Mon 2/5/24 4:51 PM

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the question! Just to be sure I'm understanding this correctly, I'll paraphrase what you've asked and ask that you confirm (or clarify): in short, instead of a drop down having whatever the first choice is as the "default" - you're wanting something that works as either a blank or as something like "--choose one--" and acts to compel the person completing the form to pick something (rather than them "choosing" the top-most item in the drop down). 

Mark Medaugh
Sr. Technical Consultant

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correct yes or even have it set as a blank, but either way yes preferably - Matt Hoadley-Jager Mon 2/5/24 5:06 PM
Got it - thank you! The best way to accomplish this would be to leverage the "insert into (ident) at (#)" flow step once the response table in your flow has been populated (and sorted, if applicable). Using this step, you would choose the response table as the "ident" and 1 for the "at (#)." This tells iPaaS to put whatever is in this step at the top of the table. You could then leave both the "text" and "value" fields blank, ensure the table is being passed as your response, and it should result in the drop down populating with a blank by default and the rest of the options beneath it. I'm happy to schedule a time to discuss, if needed! - Mark Medaugh Mon 2/5/24 5:15 PM
awesome! that worked perfectly thank you very much. - Matt Hoadley-Jager Tue 2/6/24 9:46 AM