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Is there a way to make workflow feed entries, such as "X approved this request" not private on the ticket feed? We have some approvers who want to see the approval history on a ticket. 

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Asked by Mariah Rible on Mon 2/5/24 12:41 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 2/5/24 12:51 PM

Hello Maria,

By default, messages produced by the system automatically like workflow step Feed posts, are marked Private, but you can always click the "..." elipsis option on a Feed post and mark it as Public.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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But I can't change this default, correct? - Mariah Rible Mon 2/5/24 1:23 PM
There is only one Ticketing app notification setting for the visibility default of a Feed post called: "Make comments private by default (only visible to [ticket app name here] users)"

However I do not believe this setting is applicable to those automatically generated Feed posts from workflows like that.
- Mark Sayers Mon 2/5/24 1:56 PM
Is there an API i can use to update the feed items to "public" ? - Mariah Rible Mon 2/5/24 2:18 PM
There isn't a ticket feed endpoint for editing a feed post, no. - Mark Sayers Mon 2/5/24 2:21 PM