new Assets/CI Application for space allocation (location management)

Hi all,

Curious if anyone has created an Asset/CI appl for space allocation?  We're trying to determine the best way to monitor spaces (offices, classrooms, lounges, storage, etc.).  We want to track whether a space is occupied; # of occupants within a space; names of occupants; any special equipment or features in the space; square footage; what, if any, department is associated to that space, etc.). 

Initially, I started created Asset Attributes, then thought I might need some changed to Products Types, then went down another path of creating relationships via the CIs.  Needless to say, I'm like a dog chasing it's tail.  Any examples, suggestions or a shove in the right direction is welcome.



Asked by Michelle Fallon on Mon 1/29/24 2:50 PM
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Brittany Renn Mon 1/29/24 3:05 PM

Hi Michelle, 

Have you considered using the Locations/Rooms feature within the Assets/CIs application? Once you create a location you can add assets to it and people. You can also create custom location attributes so you can input any custom info that you need:

Let me know if that sounds like it could work for you. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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Thanks, Brittany. If we did it that way, would we be able to (easily) track when X person moves from/to a location? And when a space's "ownership" changes from 1 department to another? I thought I had it all straight in my head, but then when I start playing in SB, I wind up going in circles. - Michelle Fallon Mon 1/29/24 3:22 PM
There's no specific update mechanism that triggers when a user's location changes. Also Locations/Rooms don't have a concept of an "owner", so unless you were tracking that somehow on a custom person attribute for your Locations, it doesn't currently exist as a metric for them. If you *were* to track the owner of a Location with a custom attribute, you'd have to report on them specifically to see when things changed their owner. - Mark Sayers Mon 1/29/24 3:30 PM