Copying temp file from iPaaS to Linux system via Custom SSH Connector

What are the recommended practices for taking a temp file in iPaaS and copying/creating a file based on it on a Linux system via SSH?

The following article only provides instructions for a Windows based system:

I have tried using the echo command to echo the contents of a variable that is tied to the temp file, however, it appears to be stripping the newline and carriage return characters when doing so.  Either that or the newline/carriage return is being lost in translation.

Any suggestions?

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Asked by Jim Lucas on Fri 1/26/24 12:51 PM
Ok, I think this is a bash/echo issue, not an iPaaS issue. My earlier command was:

echo $tempFile > /tmp/$fileName

However, based on some research, if I quote the variable, special characters are preserved:

echo "$tempFile" > /tmp/$fileName
- Jim Lucas Fri 1/26/24 12:57 PM
Hi Jim,

Your modified version is exactly how I'd suggest doing this. Are you finding that it's working for you, or is there anything else we can assist with?


- Carrie Willis Mon 1/29/24 9:25 AM
Hi Carrie,

Thanks for following up. The only other question I have is if there is a community based set of common actions prebuilt for an SSH connector. I can see building out several reusable basic actions, but it would be nice to see if someone already had some built out there.

- Jim Lucas Mon 1/29/24 9:30 AM
Hi Jim,

We don't currently have a list of common SSH functions, because we don't aggregate information from customer environments (unless they share it with us intentionally). We do have a Global Library where you can upload connectors/flows, but I don't believe there are any SSH-related flows in there.

We do have a very helpful and active community of customers who may be willing to share with you! I'll post that in a follow-up reply since it's too long for this response :)

- Carrie Willis Mon 1/29/24 12:01 PM
-- Slack Community: informal "working group" type community chat for asking other customers what they're up to and sharing things:

-- iPaaS Office Hours: Led by one of our TDX staff every other Thursday, I believe. Customers bring what they're working on and work through problems, but it's helpful to see what other people are doing. Sign up here:

-- "iPaaS Working Group" webinars: These are TDX-provided webinars where we share what's new with iPaaS and typically have customers present on cool things they're doing:
- Carrie Willis Mon 1/29/24 12:03 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/29/24 10:00 AM

See Carrie's response above. It just wasn't marked as an "Answer" so it couldn't be marked as such.

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