Specify array size in form

Is there a way to specify the full array of results when setting a flow result expression ? I can only get it to grab 1 single result as a choice in a drop down list using a group in my flow vs setting form choices in a flow. 

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Asked by Matt Hoadley-Jager on Thu 1/25/24 1:42 PM Last edited Thu 1/25/24 1:42 PM
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David Tod Thu 1/25/24 2:09 PM

Including a couple of screenshots. This builds a pop-up of all services dynamically. Here's the flow which returns a table populated by the query to get all services. I add a "Choose" option at the top.

Here' the Condition on the form pop-up element...minus is on initialization. Since the flow returns an array of text and value, it just automatically populates where it needs to be.


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So how would i got about trying to bring back more than 2 results ? if my table has 4 values but i can only return choices "text" and "value". or can i create a group that pulls back multiple tables as long as they use "text"and "value" as property name? - Matt Hoadley-Jager Thu 1/25/24 2:19 PM
If you're populating multiple form elements, you'd use the approach from your other question, i.e. a cached results group with tables, and other attributes. Then in the flow result choose the table for each pop-up select. It doesn't matter how many rows in the table, as long as the attributes are named text and value, you're good. - David Tod Thu 1/25/24 3:32 PM

David Tod Thu 1/25/24 1:51 PM

If I understand your question, you can return a table within which each row has a text and a value attribute.

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Ok so how do I set those attributes ? or how do I pull back all the result of a specific column? If I don’t input an array index is gives me back nothing, but if I have 1 in there it returns the first result but nothing else. - Matt Hoadley-Jager Thu 1/25/24 2:00 PM