Passing table values from flow to form

Hi, So I'm trying to pass multiple values to my form. I know that you can do this by setting a table or form choices in the flow with the properties being named text and value, but that only allows for 2 possible values and i want more than 2. Is this doable at the moment ? So i have a drop down list that im using and when i select a value from that list i want it to populate 3 other text boxes with values based on the value chosen from that drop down list. 

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Asked by Matt Hoadley-Jager on Thu 1/25/24 10:59 AM
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David Tod Thu 1/25/24 11:07 AM

I have no idea if this is a good solution, but my approach to this was to have some shared data with unique identifer fields, e.g. if I have multiple fields on an ipaas form related to a ticket, then my shared data has the ticket id and a date modified.

That way the flow can be called multiple times to populate different form fields, but only do the "work" once, returning a data object from which the form picks the relevant attribute.

In the screen shot, the highlighted actions all call the same flow, and it returns the same object, but they set form field values as attributes of that object. The first time it runs it does the hard work, but subsequent runs just quickly return the "cached" object.

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How did you pass back "resultValues:guestName" back to the form without having to pass your values through the end result of the flow ? or is that how you did it but maybe using group instead of table ? It just seems that anytime i pass something to the end result portion of the flow it has to be using "text" or "value" to get the values to populate correctly on the form.

thank you for the response
- Matt Hoadley-Jager Thu 1/25/24 11:16 AM
oh or can you have more than one stop:results in a switch case maybe that passes the values back depending on the field? - Matt Hoadley-Jager Thu 1/25/24 11:18 AM
It's a group. You can return a group from a flow and the form can make use of it. - David Tod Thu 1/25/24 11:18 AM
In other words, resultValues is the group, and one of the attributes is guestName. - David Tod Thu 1/25/24 11:19 AM
ah! thank you i will give this a try i appreciate the help! - Matt Hoadley-Jager Thu 1/25/24 11:23 AM