Reporting on Open Child Tickets

In case I'm missing it, is there a way to report on only active or open child tickets of a parent? I want to query for a subset of releases and see at a glance how many of them still have child tickets that have not been resolved/closed/cancelled. The "Children Count" select shows me the total number of children.

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Asked by Will Schultze on Mon 1/22/24 8:29 AM
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Brittany Renn Mon 1/22/24 10:01 AM

Hi Will, 

I believe you should be able to configure this in a ticket report using a combination of filters like "Has Parent is True" and "Parent Classification is one of Release." Can you give that a try and see if it helps at all? 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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Hi Brittany,

I'm looking for a parent-centered approach. I need to be able to quickly see which releases no longer have any open child items. A report of open children won't show me the "completed" parents.

Thank you,
- Will Schultze Mon 1/22/24 4:36 PM
You can also filter on "Parent Status" and add a reporting column for Parent ID, so that would allow you to account for the completed parent tickets. Does that help or were you aiming for something else? - Brittany Renn Mon 1/22/24 4:40 PM
I was aiming for something else, but you've given me enough to know I need to request an enhancement! Thanks again. -W - Will Schultze Tue 1/23/24 7:54 AM