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We would like to create many-to-many relationships between Projects in our Project Planning Module and Assets in our Application Portfolio, so that we can support our security team is assessing applications in a timely manner that supports decision making. Are relationships natively supported between these two modules? I'm sure we can manually maintain fields in each area, but it would be better if they were actually linked. General solutions we are considering include:

1) App-Project association: Integer field for project number in App Portfolio (App -> Project) or a dropdown list to choose association
2) Project-App association: Text field in Project Planning (Project -> App) or a dropdown list to choose association

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Asked by Skye Swoboda-Colberg on Wed 1/10/24 1:31 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 1/10/24 1:42 PM

Hello Skye,

There is no "relationship" per se that connects assets to projects specifically, no. You can create custom asset type attributes for your projects so you can select assets on the project's General section, but there isn't anything on an asset record that would indicate that you had selected it in a custom attribute on a project unfortunately.

The best you'll get is the custom attribute on the project to at least create the project - asset indicator, and possibly update the asset at the same time with a custom attribute where you can input the name of project(s) that it is associated with. That would likely just have to be a text field as there isn't a project name type custom attribute option.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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