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I have entered a number of project status options for our PM team to choose from when they update a project.  However some of them do not appear as an option to select from within the project.  I have the project status set to active and an order set.  Any idea what i could be missing? 

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Asked by Michael Horn on Mon 1/8/24 11:46 AM Last edited Mon 1/22/24 1:18 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 1/8/24 11:53 AM

Hi Michael,

If you're closing a project out, only statuses of the Cancelled or Completed status classification will appear.

The other statuses are for projects that are not closed out yet.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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But why don't the other options appear? The project hasn't been completed or cancelled, yet only a few of my status appear. - Michael Horn Mon 1/8/24 12:01 PM
What page is your screen shot from? Meaning how did you navigate to it? - Mark Sayers Mon 1/8/24 12:53 PM
Have a look at Project Status Not displaying 2 - Michael Horn Mon 1/8/24 6:35 PM
Thank you! Were you in Production or Sandbox at the time? - Mark Sayers Tue 1/9/24 9:40 AM
We are in production. - Michael Horn Tue 1/9/24 11:19 AM
The project in question has been closed. You tested on a project that is still open and active? - Mark Sayers Tue 1/9/24 11:34 AM
Yeah, take a look at the ATM project. That one is still open. - Michael Horn Tue 1/9/24 12:59 PM
Unfortunately I do not have access to see which statuses appear when you go to the project and choose the Update option. That has to be done from your TDNext interface. Can you do it and show a screen shot?

Have you signed out of TDX fully since you created those new project statuses?
- Mark Sayers Tue 1/9/24 1:26 PM
If I'm not mistaken, all of the statuses that you have Active, and which are of the New / In Process / or On Hold status class *are* showing up on that drop down of status options on the project Update page. The only statuses that do not appear there are the ones for project Complete or Cancelled statuses. Those are not intended to show on the Update window.

Am I missing something? They seem to be showing up per your screen shot.
- Mark Sayers Fri 1/19/24 10:17 AM

Michael Horn Mon 1/22/24 1:18 PM

Ah that makes sense.  I think they were trying to close it from that section, not under the Actions -> close option. 


You can close this ticket.   Thank you,

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