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Is there a way to create a table on an Ipaas Form ? or do you have to lay multiple list boxes? OR is this something you have to create using the custom element ? and if so how can i go about doing this with data from an SQL query ? 

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Asked by Matt Hoadley-Jager on Thu 12/21/23 10:34 AM
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Michael Ligouri Thu 12/21/23 10:54 AM Last edited Thu 12/21/23 10:54 AM

Hi Matt, there are a few elements needed to make this work.  Attached are several screenshots that I'll tag in bold.

  1. Create a template in iPaaS (Template Table)
    1. You use the macro dropdown to get the {{}} variables.  Use the Property macro.  Adding the 3rd set of {} around the variables tells the template that multiple rows are going to be auto-filled from some data source.
  2. Use a flow to auto-fill in the template from the data that SQL returns. (Flow Fill Template)
    1. You do auto-fill by clicking the downward arrow in the flow step configuration and selecting Auto-Fill From (Flow Auto-Fill From)
    2. Make sure that the End step of the flow returns the Body HTML of the filled-in template (Flow Return HTML)
  3. In the form, create a Custom field (Form Custom Field)
  4. Create an action on the submit button that takes the result of the flow and gives it to the custom field. (Form Submit Button Action)

Hopefully that all makes sense, but of course let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Matt, one more added detail...to create the table in the template, rather than using the standard table creator, use the macro of Table - HTML Template (with header). - Michael Ligouri Thu 12/21/23 11:30 AM
Thank you this was very helpful. Is there a way i can Populate the custom element on initialization of the form instead of on an action of a button ? - Matt Hoadley-Jager Wed 1/10/24 12:22 PM