Is there a way to disable web service/API workflow steps from writing to TDNext feed?

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When creating steps within the Workflow Builder, there isn't any way to indicate whether to include step in TDNext feed - it defaults to include. This is an issue if your workflow has automation of sorts built in that results in many, many posts of the same steps until the workflow advances. This can cause the feed to contain 100s of posts, which makes it extremely difficult to search since the search capabilities are limited to what is showing. Is there a way (back door or otherwise) to allow us to limit the workflow steps posting to the feed? I have already requested an enhancement for both this functionality (as each workflow step is already included in the Workflow history) as well as for better Search functionality within the TDNext feed.  Any and all insights are very welcomed! Thank you!

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Asked by Christy Geesey on Mon 12/4/23 10:27 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 12/4/23 11:28 AM

Hello Christy,

Unfortunately no, API steps in workflows will always write to the feed with the result of the step.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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