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We inherited the TDX instance that we have now. We have managed to delete all the tickets and services created by the previous department. However, there are some forms that I cannot figure out how to delete. See below. I cannot seem to find any other association except I see 3 of them pinned in TDNext. 



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Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Mon 11/20/23 9:58 PM Last edited Tue 11/21/23 5:55 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 11/21/23 9:49 AM

Hello Michael,

The screen shot mentions those are default forms for certain ticket classifications in that app. You'd have to change the default forms for those classifications to another form that you configured to make tickets with those classifications if you want to delete the old forms.

You can edit which forms are used by the default classifications from the main TDAdmin page of the ticket app under its Forms section. There is a button at the top of the Forms page to edit the default forms.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thank you Mark. So instead of deleting what I would like to do is to remove them from the TDNext so users can not see them. We are only using Service Requests. How would I do that? The "Pinned" checkbox is greyed out in the forms. - Michael Rodriguez Tue 11/21/23 10:15 AM
Deactivate the Classifications that those forms go to if you aren't using those classes for your tickets. You can do that from the main Admin page of the ticket application where it lists your active Classifications for the app. - Mark Sayers Tue 11/21/23 11:04 AM