Expendable Asset Tracking

I am looking into tracking some items that are going to fluctuate in quantity constantly. Has anyone done this successfully and if so or not what would be the best method to do so? I worry about the ability to not see the quantities for the asset tab without selecting the items, is there a way around that? Any help is much appreciated!

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Asked by Daniel Parten on Wed 11/15/23 4:50 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 11/15/23 5:06 PM

Hello Daniel,

Perhaps it would be beneficial to step back a tad and describe the process you're looking to achieve more fully. With that info, we can better advise if that type of process is able to be achieved or not. My guess is you might have to utilize iPaaS if you were to achieve this sort of thing, but I'll know more about a direction to advise you on when I understand the process a little better.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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To describe what I want to do is make a system for our nursing program at our college to be able to track the materials used in class. Which would involve moving all their different materials and some regular assets in. So for example cotton balls, swabs, cups, pads, iv's, and other disposable items. So after class, we would want to be able to have a easy method for tracking used items for inventory. We would want the ability to easily add and subtract used inventory. Would this be possible? - Daniel Parten Wed 11/15/23 5:22 PM
Hi Daniel,
Tracking consumables is always tricky and not what we are designed for. Nevertheless, with iPaaS, I imagine that could be done. I imagine an iPaaS form to capture items used in class. Then iPaaS would deduct from the inventory number. For your concern to see quantities without selecting the item (as quantity would be a custom attribute), I imagine a report by room would show what you're needing. I don't know if you'd have each student complete a form for what they used or if the faculty/staff person would put in a total...but I imagine this would scale as needed.
- Mark Sayers Thu 11/16/23 9:39 AM