Deleting a User from a List in iPaaS

Hello, I have two lists of users, list A and list B. Currently I have a for each loop that will go through each user in list B and check to see if the user is in list A. If the user is not in list A, then the user is deleted from list B which is working. The problem I am having is when the first user in list B is deleted, it will skip the 2nd user in the list and go to the 3rd user. Is there any way to get around this so the for each loop will go through each user in the list instead of skipping users?


For example:

If these are the list of names originally in list B and Johnny is not found in list A, Johnny is deleted and when the for each loop restarts, it moves to David and skips Carol.

List B:






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Asked by Jennifer Jennings on Tue 11/14/23 10:56 AM Last edited Tue 11/14/23 11:23 AM
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Michael Ligouri Tue 11/14/23 11:18 AM

Hi Jennifer, if you step through the flow manually, is there any sort of incremented value in the flow that the deletion is causing that value to increment by 2?

You're saying that if the deleted user is in the middle of the list, it will go to the next person as intended?

Have you tried using a table rather than a list?

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No there is no incrementing value in the flow.

Anytime a user is deleted from the list, it skips the next intended user. I have not tried using a table yet. I will give that a try.
- Jennifer Jennings Tue 11/14/23 11:30 AM