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Hi, I am trying to set up some flows that can retrieve data about Projects from Portfolio Planning.  Is there an API for Portfolio Planning that can interact with Scorecards or it is part of another API?  If not, what are some ideas on accessing attributes in Portfolio Planning using iPaaS?

Also, can workflows in Portfolio Planning trigger an iPaaS flow or is there a trigger based on Portfolio Planning events?

Thank you!

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Asked by James Cherry on Mon 11/13/23 5:32 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 11/14/23 9:18 AM

Hello James,

Unfortunately there are no API endpoints currently for retrieving that sort of information from a project. You can GET a project though and see its scorecard score, but that is about it.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Would the same be for writing to a Scorecard using iPaaS as well? - James Cherry Tue 11/14/23 10:01 AM
Yes, there isn't an endpoint in the API docs for modifying a scorecard's values. - Mark Sayers Tue 11/14/23 11:01 AM