Adding an Attachment to a Project Request via Form or API

I'm looking for a method to add an attachment to a project request either from the project request form when it's created or via the API, and ideally, I would like a method to do both.

When I'm in the Form Builder for the project request form, I don't have the option for attachments like I do for ticket forms.

When I look at the API documentation, I can see how to add a file to a project, but it requires a briefcase folder ID, which doesn't exist for project requests yet.

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Asked by Corrine Knox on Thu 10/26/23 6:42 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 10/27/23 9:29 AM

Hello Corrine,

You don't see the "Files" section of a request until the request is created, past the form stage.

I don't see a way to do this unless the same API endpoint for getting a project's briefcase folders works when you point it at a project request ID, but I wouldn't think that would work (it's not a project). I haven't tested that explicitly before though, so there's a chance I guess that it might do the trick. If so, you could then use the endpoint for uploading a file to one of the folders of the Request.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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I did test using the API method to get the Briefcase folders for the project request, but I received 403: Forbidden error. The Get Project method does work to get details about the request though, so it seems that some methods do treat it as a project. - Corrine Knox Fri 10/27/23 12:35 PM
Yeah being that the endpoints were not written explicitly to service project requests so it's quite possible they will not be able to achieve that on a request. - Mark Sayers Fri 10/27/23 12:55 PM