Time Tracking for Consultants

Is it possible for an admin to enter actual hours on a project for an external resource? Resource cost is tied to the resource but we use many consultants & it doesn't make sense to provide access & train all of them. However we do need the cost of their hours to reflect in the Project financials. How can we capture this data?

Their rates are contracted by service, so for example we may have 8 consultants 'testing' but they're all at the same rate so we'd capture total testing hours rather than each persons hours as the vendor is responsible for resource management. We also have a budget associated so we'd want to make sure we don't go over in hours. My thought is to create resources based on vendor services/rates & have someone enter the hours in to TDX from the vendor status reports. Is this possible?


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Asked by Kristen Carter on Thu 8/10/23 8:51 AM
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Brittany Renn Thu 8/10/23 9:35 AM

Hi Kristin, 

I believe this would be possible as long as the users submitting the time have the permission to "Add time against tasks for other team members" on their global security role. We also have a section in the KB below that outlines the steps required for entering time for another user: 

Hope this helps! 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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