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New to using APIs and I have a question maybe not for TeamDynamix but for another community. I have a Power Automate flow where part of the process creates a TeamDynamix ticket and that is all working perfectly. My question is, do you know is there anyway for the description part to include any formatting? I had a play around with little success but was really hoping to include some breaks and bold. Included a really stripped back version of the body from the API call.

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Asked by Kevin Beattie on Fri 7/7/23 3:48 PM Last edited Fri 7/7/23 3:48 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 7/7/23 3:57 PM

Hello Kevin,

You should be able to include HTML formatting if you include the property IsRichHtml : "True" in your ticket creation call's body.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks Mark. Moving so quickly on this request that I didn't even see that property. Exactly what I needed. - Kevin Beattie Fri 7/7/23 4:03 PM
You're welcome! - Mark Sayers Fri 7/7/23 4:05 PM