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We have a request process that uses a workflow to get approval. We ran into a strange issue. In this scenario, there were 4 potential approvers (only 1 required). After the first approver had approved the ticket, the subsequent approvers got 'Access Denied' when clicking the approval link. All approvers have client licenses, and they get assigned based on a Department Custom Person Attribute.

Is this expected behavior? I would have thought that subsequent approvers would get to the page and then it would show who had approved the ticket and when.


Thank you!

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Asked by Mariah Rible on Wed 6/14/23 12:08 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 6/14/23 1:27 PM

The page should not exist I believe after at least one person has addressed the step, but I can confirm.

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The Approval step *should* be closed after the 1 required approval is granted by someone, so subsequent persons would not be able to access the page. This is valid behavior currently. - Mark Sayers Wed 6/14/23 3:22 PM
How do people usually handle this? Notify all the approvers that the request has been approved? - Mariah Rible Wed 6/14/23 4:28 PM
I don't know that you *can* notify them all automatically. You could suggest an enhancement where someone who tries to access that page after the required approval has taken place is instead taken to a page that tells the status of the step? - Mark Sayers Wed 6/14/23 4:56 PM