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Under IT Inventory, I expect to see an option to import assets, however, this option is missing for me. I only have contract import, product model import and vendor import. I don't see an option for asset import. How can I make this option visible?


Darrell Millar

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Asked by Darrell Millar on Mon 6/12/23 11:45 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 6/12/23 11:48 AM

Hello Darrell,

It sounds like your security role for that asset application is missing the permission titled "Import assets". You'll need one of your organization administrators to add the permission to your security role for you, then you'll need to sign out of TDX and sign back in for it to be applied fully to your account.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thankyou Mark. This makes sense.

- Darrell Millar Mon 6/12/23 11:49 AM