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I am trying to create a workflow that would auto-close tickets for my team after 3 weeks if no updates have been made and the ticket is in certain statuses. I want it to start a 2-week timer once the ticket is assigned to our group, and then after 2 weeks, see if there have been any modifications since it was assigned to our group. If there haven't been any updates, send a notification email asking the primary group to update the ticket if there are any. If someone doesn't make an update and 2.5 weeks have gone by, there will be one last notification email warning the group that the ticket will automatically be closed if no update has been made to the ticket. Then, if they do make an update, the process would start over again until the ticket is automatically closed or resolved by someone.

The issue I am running into is that I cannot find a condition based on the last modified date/time that shows in the ticket or something that could check if comments/updates have been made. I am at a loss for how to accomplish this. We do not have iPaaS.

If anyone has encountered this or has tips/ideas, please share. I would love to hear what you have done to complete this or something similar.

Thanks in advance!


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Asked by Miranda Bielecki on Thu 6/8/23 12:13 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 6/8/23 1:09 PM

Hi Miranda,

For a Condition step, there *should* be an available filter called "Modified" that provides the date/time that the ticket was last modified in *any* way.

Then you could also filter for your specific status values to check if last modified is less than or equal to the run date minus 3 weeks AND is the ticket in a certain status.

You'd have to build that part of the workflow as a separate looping action that continually did this check, and it would just continue to loop while the other "main" portions of the workflow operated independently of this checking loop. I think you also would need in that loop a web service method step in that loop process to GET the ticket or something (it can be any type of call, it just has to force the workflow to "think" it isn't an automated loop).

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Actually (and this is what I get for trying to work from memory), a Condition step *can't* check the modified value of the ticket, sadly, and this is likely because every workflow step that completes would just update that value due to posting to the Feed.

You could check for certain conditions about the ticket's own data though and see if that is enough to use to close the ticket, and you could still do the looping and waiting with a Condition, Timer, and Web service step.
- Mark Sayers Thu 6/8/23 1:16 PM