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We are starting our integration into TeamDynamix, migrating from another platform, utilizing the APIs. We were wondering, since the bulk import also updates existing assets, what is used as the primary key for making this decision when passing a list of assets? Also, when utilizing the get routes for any of the objects for assets and those related, do we have to know the id that is assigned to it in TeamDynamix? Or are we able to search off of other unique identifiers, and if so what would be an example of this?


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Dante Stokes

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Asked by Dante Stokes on Tue 5/30/23 12:19 PM Last edited Tue 5/30/23 12:20 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 5/30/23 1:20 PM

Hello Dante,

The key for importing to match if an item exists already will be the External ID field. 

To GET an asset's information via an API call you *do* need to know its ID value in TeamDynamix, yes.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Are we able to set this External ID field to whatever we would like it to be? For example could we pass the serial number of the device as a string if that's how we would like to handle it? - Dante Stokes Tue 5/30/23 4:24 PM
So the asset in TeamDynamix does need to actually have a value save into it as the External ID value in order to match on those existing assets when importing records. From your own assets db, you could map that field to any value as long as it will be the one used to populate the External ID for new records and will also match what is currently being used as your existing assets' External ID values. - Mark Sayers Tue 5/30/23 4:29 PM