Card Color API

Can you change the color of a card via the API?

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Asked by Mariah Rible on Thu 5/11/23 7:39 PM
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Brittany Renn Fri 5/12/23 9:26 AM

Hi Mariah, 

I don't think this is possible, however, could you provide a screenshot of the card in reference so I can get confirmation for you? 



Brittany Renn

Support Consultant 

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Hi Brittany!

It’s not about a specific card, just cards in general. I want to remove the color from cards that are in the Completed list.

Thank you!
- Mariah Rible Fri 5/12/23 12:11 PM
Unfortunately this is not possible via the API. - Mark Sayers Fri 5/12/23 1:20 PM