iPaas Removing Duplicates

What is the best way to remove duplicates in an iPaaS table? I pulled all of the ticket types and categories. I have a list of the categories that includes duplicates that I would like to remove.

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Asked by Tyler Steele on Thu 4/20/23 11:47 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 4/20/23 2:30 PM

Hi Tyler,


Our suggestion is using a where clause when you populate the table. You can expand the "where" area by clicking the little arrow to the far right of the table.

For each [row] in [some data] where [not [the same table you're already in] contains [some unique value in the data]]


e.g., if i'm creating a table of user data, and i'm looping over the response from a "get users in group" i might do a table with the name "mydata", and so the clause would be like:

"for each [user] in [the response to my Get Users in Group step] where [not "mydata" table contains the current user's UID]"

Here's a snippet of what it could end up looking like also:

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