TeamDynamix.Api.Users.User Location information not populating

I'm pulling in user information with the /api/people/search endpoint, but all location information is empty.

        "LocationID": 0,
        "LocationName": null,
        "LocationRoomID": 0,
        "LocationRoomName": null,

The documentation on the endpoint says it doesn't return these properties: 


Is the documentation wrong or am I missing something?

I can get the location information if I use the /api/people/{uid} endpoint, but calling it hundreds of times isn't efficient.

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Asked by Cameron Waggoner on Tue 3/28/23 1:08 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 3/28/23 1:52 PM

Hello Cameron,

The documentation is listing those specific properties as examples, not as a complete list of what will not be returned by the /search endpoint. Location data is very much excluded from what is returned on a person object by that endpoint.

Any lookup endpoints that say they will not include the full person results is going to exclude things like Location data and the other example items the documentation points out.

You could suggest this as an enhancement to ask that Location data be included in what is returned by a search lookup, or to ask for a flag for the search endpoint that will allow some additional data to be included like Location information.

As a note, I know that iPaaS is a tool that could potentially perform those individual user lookups in a way that isn't as rate limited (or limited at all), so it could perform faster than making those lookup calls via a manually developed script. I'm not sure of the process you're attempting to follow, but perhaps there might be another way to achieve your need if you could elaborate on your process a bit further?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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