Desktop created in TDAdmin: make public?

One of the latest enhancements of making desktops created in TDAdmin linked so that we don't have to manually roll out desktop changes to everyone is wonderful. I want to make those desktops public, but tells me "Desktops cannot be made public from within the TDAdmin interface." Is there a reason why TDAdmin desktops should not be made public? (If not, I'll request an enhancement.)

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Thu 3/16/23 4:34 PM
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Brittany Renn Thu 3/16/23 4:53 PM

Hi Greg, 

I'm not aware of any concerns to why TDAdmin should not be made public. I believe it has more to do with Desktop ownership and that option only being available to those who own the Desktop. I know we've had Enhancement Requests in the past that have asked for multiple ownership/group ownership of Public Desktops, so I think this would make a good Enhancement idea as well. 


Brittany Renn

Support Consultant 

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Thank you. Service Request #22518839 - Greg Van De Mark Thu 3/16/23 5:03 PM