Asset/CI Ticket Attribute

I am looking for KB articles or information on the Asset/CI Attribute.

I have an asset application that isn't showing up for this attribute when I go to put it on a Ticket Form.

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Asked by OU ITSM Team on Thu 2/23/23 4:20 PM Last edited Thu 2/23/23 5:01 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/23/23 4:45 PM


Are you asking about *custom* Asset/CI attributes?

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Yes, I am speaking to the Custom Asset/CI Attribute for tickets. - OU ITSM Team Thu 2/23/23 4:53 PM
Does your signed in user account currently have access to the asset app in question? And is the Asset app *Active* currently? - Mark Sayers Thu 2/23/23 4:57 PM
When working on a ticket form, I select "Add New Field" then select Asset. When trying to find the status I want, the asset application doesn't appear. - OU ITSM Team Thu 2/23/23 5:01 PM
I have attached an image to the question for you. - OU ITSM Team Thu 2/23/23 5:01 PM
Which ticket app ID were you working in, and which asset app (its ID) were you expecting to have a status show up from? - Mark Sayers Fri 2/24/23 8:56 AM

Brittany Renn Thu 2/23/23 4:44 PM


Are you referring to the default attribute for Asset/CI that you can add to ticket forms? I'm not totally sure if this what you are referencing but, the assets from each Assets/CIs app can only be linked to a ticket by a user who has access to the Assets/CIs app in question, in addition to access to that ticketing app.

If you could provide more information about what you're hoping to accomplish, we should be able to provide more information. 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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