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We are moving from a homegrown system into TDX for Asset Management. The current system supports the use of dependencies at an And/Or level. Or is used for multiple dependencies. What I am wondering is if there is a way for us to use the External ID field in a record to import the dependency chain for an asset. I have a list of the External ID's for each item in the old system, so I'd prefer to be able to import this in and then fix the relationship type rather than have to hand enter everything. 

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Asked by David Robertson on Thu 12/15/22 9:07 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 12/15/22 10:57 AM

Hello David,

You can set the Parent Asset value of a particular asset row in your import file so it will mark that as the parent of the asset in question, but other than that the import process wouldn't allow for setting other types of relationships for you.

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I hadn't planned on adding the relationship type in the import, just getting the items added into the appropriate relationship table. Can I use the External ID as the main key for import, or do I need the TDX Id as well? - David Robertson Thu 12/15/22 11:01 AM
I think it actually (for the Parent Asset column) requires the name of the parent asset or serial number value. - Mark Sayers Thu 12/15/22 11:09 AM