Is there a way to "reset" a ComboBox in iPaaS forms that is initially populated from a Flow?

This might be getting too far into the weeds, but I'll try to be clear just in case:

We have an iPaaS form that, upon initialization, a comboBox's choices are populated from a flow. Later on in the form, we have a button that acts as a page reset and sets a few different controls back to their starting state, however we're not able to reset the comboBox back to its starting state. We can blank it out completely, but the intention is for it to have the initial drop-down values from the flow, but have the item in the position of choice #1 be the item that is selected or shown.

We've tried an action to re-run the flow, but most likely due to the latest update, the same flow isn't triggered again on the form. We also can't seem to find a way for us to pick which choice within the control we'd want shown, which may also do the trick.

Any thoughts?

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Asked by Jason Pelletier on Tue 11/29/22 4:40 PM
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Carrie Willis Wed 11/30/22 8:22 AM

Hi Jason,

Is your ComboBox choice #1 value always the same? When we build internally, we like to set the first choice to something like text of "Please Select a Choice" with value of -1. If you're doing something like that, where the value of your choice #1 is always the same, you could have your "reset page" button set the VALUE of your ComboBox to whatever that default first value is (in our case, -1). I believe this would work for changing what's populated in the box.

Can you let me know if that works?



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I am using a first entry in the choices list as a "Please select..." so setting the value is the key! I was attempting to simply reload the choices from the flow, thinking it would reset the control, but the last choice that was selected was remaining selected.

Now I have a different "issue" where a second combo box, loaded by a flow on a change condition from the first combobox, is re-loading the choices because of the "change" taking place to the first combobox rather than remaining blank. I'll work with that one a bit as I might be able to do a combination of data conditional and changes to make it stay blank.
- Jason Pelletier Wed 11/30/22 9:53 AM