iPaaS: Enabling SSO

I am preparing to enable SSO for iPaaS Forms.  Before doing so, I need to enable SSO Authentication for iPaaS.  When configuring SSO Authentication for iPaaS, will this cause any disruption with existing flows?


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Asked by Tyler Duncan on Thu 11/3/22 4:05 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 11/4/22 9:53 AM

Hi Tyler,

There's no real risk to existing flows as far as I'm aware - if you end up breaking your iPaaS login, there's a bypass URL where you can login with standard credentials (and turn SSO back off for troubleshooting purposes).

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Just to be sure, is there a cost to enable SSO? - Tyler Duncan Mon 11/7/22 10:38 AM
No there is no cost. - Mark Sayers Mon 11/7/22 10:43 AM