Configure Canvas iPaaS Connector

I am testing out the canvas connector using a token.  The connector is running into an issue with the authentication.  I have changed the domain and changed the authentication to accept a generic API Key, but luck.  

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Asked by Tyler Duncan on Thu 11/3/22 10:42 AM Last edited Thu 11/3/22 10:43 AM
The iPaaS UI links to, but that article does not link to the list of connector authentication methods:

- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:12 PM
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David Tod Fri 11/4/22 9:15 AM

Let me know if you solve it! Tried a few things this morning and still not working.

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No progress yet. I'll be trying something again later today. - Tyler Duncan Fri 11/11/22 11:00 AM
I just so happen to get it to work. I should've read the KB article closely.
I was able to use the Generic API Key.
I gave API Key Name a value of Authorization. Then the API Key with Bearer in front of the token value.
- Tyler Duncan Fri 11/11/22 11:31 AM
Thank you. That's interesting. I guess I can see how that works, but we try to shy away from API keys generated by users with privileges.

- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:01 PM
Wait...there's an article?! Why is it not linked from the UI?
- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:06 PM
FWIW, I got it to work with the documented approach using a System credential, but not an Application credential. No idea why.

I would really like to be able to use Developer Keys rather than the generic bearer token approach.
- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:35 PM

David Tod Thu 11/3/22 11:01 AM

I ran into this same issue and never resolved.

On reflection, while I'm not entirely sure what a standard OAuth2 flow would look like, our default authentication uses SSO via SAML2 so entering a username and password in the credentials might be the problem.

I wonder if it requires the /login/canvas authentication method?

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For info: - David Tod Thu 11/3/22 11:04 AM