Configure Canvas iPaaS Connector

I am testing out the canvas connector using a token.  The connector is running into an issue with the authentication.  I have changed the domain and changed the authentication to accept a generic API Key, but luck.  

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Asked by Tyler Duncan on Thu 11/3/22 10:42 AM Last edited Thu 11/3/22 10:43 AM
The iPaaS UI links to, but that article does not link to the list of connector authentication methods:

- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:12 PM
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David Tod Fri 11/4/22 9:15 AM

Let me know if you solve it! Tried a few things this morning and still not working.

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No progress yet. I'll be trying something again later today. - Tyler Duncan Fri 11/11/22 11:00 AM
I just so happen to get it to work. I should've read the KB article closely.
I was able to use the Generic API Key.
I gave API Key Name a value of Authorization. Then the API Key with Bearer in front of the token value.
- Tyler Duncan Fri 11/11/22 11:31 AM
Thank you. That's interesting. I guess I can see how that works, but we try to shy away from API keys generated by users with privileges.

- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:01 PM
Wait...there's an article?! Why is it not linked from the UI?
- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:06 PM
FWIW, I got it to work with the documented approach using a System credential, but not an Application credential. No idea why.

I would really like to be able to use Developer Keys rather than the generic bearer token approach.
- David Tod Fri 11/11/22 1:35 PM

Andrey Little Thu 5/18/23 9:51 AM

Hey all, one way to prevent this is on the connector you need to make sure the base url is the same as the system you are logging into. It is defaulted to "" you need to change that URL 


Canvas Connector - > Configuration -> Click on "domain" and change the domain there to your org ex: , make sure that it does end with the "/api"

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David Tod Thu 11/3/22 11:01 AM

I ran into this same issue and never resolved.

On reflection, while I'm not entirely sure what a standard OAuth2 flow would look like, our default authentication uses SSO via SAML2 so entering a username and password in the credentials might be the problem.

I wonder if it requires the /login/canvas authentication method?

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For info: - David Tod Thu 11/3/22 11:04 AM