Staff showing up in viewed list in tickets although they were not logged in

We have a staff person who has shown up in the Read By list in the ticket about three times when he was not even logged in. The attached is the ticket and the staff member is highlighted. Anything we can do to prevent this?



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Asked by Jayne Dissette on Fri 10/28/22 5:23 PM Last edited Fri 10/28/22 5:23 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 10/31/22 10:11 AM

Hello Jayne,

Your ticketing app's notification footer likely has the Tracking Pixel setting enabled. What this does is include a pixel in each outbound notification from TDX from that ticketing app which, when the recipient of the email marks that message as "read" will credit them as having "read" the ticket it was from as well.

This is likely how your user is showing up as having read the ticket(s) in question. You can "fix" that by disabling the tracking pixel in your ticket app's TDAdmin > Notification Footers area, or the user would just need to not mark their emails as read.



Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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