Bulk Update an Asset Without Changing Status?


We recently added a custom attribute to all of our assets, and now we're trying to do a bulk update using the Asset Import xlsx spreadsheet.

However we don't want to alter the 'Status' of the assets, and that seems to be a required field when importing. 
Is there a way to update all of these assets without having to find their current status and input that in to the excel sheet?


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Asked by Nathan Ignatz on Fri 10/7/22 11:54 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 10/7/22 1:15 PM

Hello Nathan,

According to the API, updating an asset requires that you supply a current statusID. I realize you're asking about the import and not the API, but the core functionality between the two is the same so if it's required for the API, it'll be required for the import feature.

You could simply create an asset report though that contains the ID, Name, and Status and report on all your assets to get that data, then export it so you can prepare your spreadsheet for the import.

Please keep in mind that your best bet for updating the asset and not losing data that *already* is saved on it is to first report on any field that may contain a saved value for your assets and export that, then include the same columns in your import and include their values so it doesn't leave that info off the asset's record and remove it upon import.

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