Add a profile picture to a user of type service account?

Is there a way to add a profile picture to a service account?

There isn't an option to add a profile picture to a service account from within the admin user settings for a specific service account. I attempted to get around this by converting the user from a service account to a user account. Then logging into the user account, updating the profile, and adding a profile picture. This worked while the user was of type user. Then I converted the user back to a service account and the profile picture that appears in the ticket feed for the user reverted back to the square box with user initials.

The desire is to have the local IPaaS service account icon that appears in the ticket feed to stand out.

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Asked by Greg Benn on Thu 9/15/22 11:01 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 9/16/22 4:28 PM

Hello Greg,

A Service Account typed account cannot have its profile edited to add an image. Only actual Users who can sign in to TDNext or the client portal can add profile images.

You could Convert it to a User account, log in as the account, set the image, then convert it back into a Service Account. That might work.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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