Passing Parameter from TDX Workflow to iPaas Flow using Arguments JSON

The KB article Article - TeamDynamix iPaaS Step mentions the abiliity to Send parameter data through the Arguments JSON section of the workflow step. I have not been able to find any information about how to do this in the KB.

The TDX workflow is triggered from an email monitor creating a certain ticket type. The Description field is the data that I want to pass from the workflow to the iPaaS flow. Could you please instruct me / provide an example on how to accomplish this.



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Asked by Will Tonkin on Wed 9/7/22 11:27 AM
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David Tod Wed 9/7/22 11:45 AM

 I don't know if you can use variables in the "Additional Arguments Json" part of an iPaaS workflow step, but won't you get the ticket description as part of the input that triggers your flow?

In terms of those additional arguments, they are literally a JSON object, e.g. I have an iPaaS flow that sets the KB article on a ticket, so any workflow can call it to set a specific KB article. Therefore a particular workflow has an iPaaS step to call that flow with a specific article ID, like this:

{"articleID": 122966}

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Where in data structure inside iPaaS flow will this be found? I tried FlowInput - Custom to retrieve this value, but no luck. As per your example: Property (KB Article) = (FlowInput | articleID) - Bodek Frak Sun 8/13/23 7:36 PM

David Tod Mon 8/14/23 9:40 AM


The parameter I'm passing from my workflow step is:

{"articleID": 122966}


What you can do to troubleshoot and test this is go to the flow run history, replay, and then copy the flow input data from the history into your Flow Input Data -> Sample Data under Triggers.


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Thank you, this is very helpful. - Bodek Frak Mon 8/14/23 11:24 AM