Include 'Thank you' button in ticket template that changes status of ticket?

We would like to give our clients a "Thank you, I'm all set!" button in the emails they get from the ticket system that will just ensure that the status of the ticket is closed.  Is that possible?  We have a number of our people who are very polite and insist on replying 'Thank you' to tickets, which re-opens the ticket and then we have to in and close it again.  We are looking for a way to allow clients to 'thank us', but that doesn't re-open the ticket if they do!

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Asked by Carly Born on Mon 8/22/22 5:15 PM
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Carly Born Tue 8/23/22 10:35 AM

Thanks, David.  Is there a thing we can do combined with a workflow or something?  I feel like we might have enough tools in TDX to make something like this happen.

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You could consider a Choice button that allows them to either select an option indicating they're all set/thank you, or click another button that says they need additional support, which routes back to a previous step in the workflow for the resp. tech to reach out again. Then give the expectation that if they choose the "all set/thank you" button their ticket will be closed automatically. - Mark Sayers Tue 8/23/22 11:20 AM
Thanks, Mark. Do the clients need to go to the client portal to see that Choice button? Or can they click it from email? - Carly Born Tue 8/23/22 12:32 PM
They'd be emailed a link asking them to complete a workflow step, click on the link, and it'll take them to the client portal to take action on the Choice step. - Mark Sayers Tue 8/23/22 12:55 PM

David Tod Tue 8/23/22 7:53 AM

That's a good idea. A challenge we have is that sometimes we get a "Thank you! Here's a follow-up question" rather than just a "Thank you!" and having something that clarifies the difference would be handy.

My boilerplate/template for closing tickets indicates that a comment will reopen and that they'll get a survey, but even then we still get "thank you" comments.

There isn't a notification template for closing a ticket, which if there were, you could have a button that just went to a "you're welcome" page, and template tags do not support testing for specific values (e.g. classificationstatusname = closed), only their presence or absence.

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