Set the requestor to an email address

Maybe I'm going down the wrong path:  

When an email comes in from an outside address (parent, vendor, etc), the 'Requestor' on the new ticket from the email monitor is set to that address.  It doesn't create a user (that I can see), but we can still report on tickets associated with that address.

However, I can't seem to change a requestor to an email address.  It's fairly common to have an employee send a message on behalf of an outside user.  The actual requestor is not that employee, so I would like to change it to the email address of the outside user.  I can create a new user with that address, but having a lot of new users isn't ideal...

Thought?  Am I mad?

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Asked by John Shearer on Mon 7/11/22 3:57 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 7/13/22 10:05 AM

Hello John,

We currently do not support changing a requestor on a ticket from a valid Customer/User to a text-only value. Text-only requestors are currently only used when an email monitor is configured not to create new Customer accounts for email addresses that do not match existing TDX accounts or when the information associated with that new email address isn't enough to create a new TDX record for them (like if it's missing a distinguishable first name/last name in the Display Name sent along with the email address of the sender).

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