Retaining PDF Edits on Attachments to Tickets

Hello TDX Community - I am hoping you can provide some advice on how to retain PDF Edits to attachments on Tickets.

Scenario - We have a Form for our Procurement department in which we are routing contracts for review and approval through TDX work flow.  The intention is for our legal department to open the attachment to review and redline via Adobe DC.  Upon editing/commenting we would like the attachment to retain the edits and continue the work flow routing on to the next level for final review and approval with their ability to see the edits from the first reviewer.  When we open the PDF it does not appear that it will autosave with the Edits done to the document. 

Do any of you have similar scenarios and/or how did you get the document to retain the edits.  Also - We do NOT have IPaaS.  

Thank you for your feedback.

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Asked by Nick Pearson on Tue 3/8/22 11:55 AM
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Bobby Jones Tue 3/8/22 5:47 PM

Instead of attaching a copy, could you store it in the cloud or a shared drive and just keep a link to it as a custom attribute in the ticket?

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If possible that would be the best way to achieve this if document editing and revisions are needed. Uploading the physical file to the ticket does not allow for those files to then be edited and preserved in their edited state on the ticket. It would require the edited version to be saved and uploaded separately.

If you could use OneDrive Personal/Business, or Google Drive, or Box, to upload the file from a shared location in those systems, then the edits can take place from within that shared location, but TDX just stores the "reference" link to where the file is truly located.
- Mark Sayers Wed 3/9/22 9:42 AM